About Rabbi Davidowitz

Rabbi Davidowitz is a sought after mohel who has performed hundreds of brissim throughout the United States and Israel. Rabbi Davidowitz has been active in the field since 1999 and received his certification from the world renowned mohel Rabbi Yehuda Giat of Jerusalem in 2007. As an expert mohel, Rabbi Davidowitz serves as both a resource and mentor for other mohelim encountering complex conditions.
Rabbi Davidowitz has an incredibly calm and level-headed personality and puts both babies and their parents at ease with his gentle touch and demeanor. He explains the entire process clearly to parents making them comfortable from the first encounter. Well-organized, thorough and meticulously sterile, Rabbi Davidowitz performs the bris with speed and precision. He creates an inclusive and meaningful experience by including family and friends, and explaining the significance of the ritual ceremony.
In addition to his expertise as a mohel, Rabbi Davidowitz is a scholar and instructor of advanced Talmudic Studies and Jewish Law. He holds a Bachelors and a Master’s degree in Talmudic Theory and Jurisprudence from the Talmudical Institute of Upstate New York and earned the prestigious Talmudic Scholars Degree from the Rabbinical Seminary of America. Rabbi Davidowitz received rabbinic ordination from Rabbi Moshe Heinemann, an international authority on Jewish law.

Rabbi Davidowitz resides with his wife Yael and their five sons in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

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