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The Gentle Approach

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Rabbi Davidowitz has been labeled The Gentle Mohel as a reflection of the considerable effort he devotes to pain reduction of the child. His gentle approach lies in stark contrast to hospital-based circumcision as well as the practice of many other mohelim. Rabbi Davidowitz does not use a clamp of any kind. Additionally, he uses the latest bandaging technique, allowing him to remove the bandage almost immediately after the circumcision.

Most incredibly, Rabbi Davidowitz can typically complete the entire circumcision, from the moment one of his carefully selected, ultra-gentle instruments comes in contact with the baby, until the time the diaper is back on and more importantly the baby has stopped crying, in 60 seconds or less!

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Unfortunately, many circumcisions are performed without enough emphasis on pain minimization for the child. This is evident to anyone who has been witness to the 15 – 30 minute ordeal a child endures in a hospital-setting circumcision. Such procedures entail the child being strapped down to a hard plastic circ-board while receiving a nerve block injection and subject to the use of heavy instrumentation including clamps. Similarly, many mohelim use some form of clamp. These clamps significantly extend the time of the Bris procedure and cause severe discomfort to the child.

In contrast, Rabbi Davidowitz completes the entire Bris procedure in a fraction of that time, typically a minute or less (That’s less cry-time then the average visit to the pediatrician)! Rabbi Davidowitz uses a mogen shield, not to be confused with the mogen clamp. This shield has been used for centuries, does not cause significant pain and is the best protection from any damage to proximate tissue. A topical anesthetic cream may also be used as studies have demonstrated it may provide additional reduction of pain. In addition, Rabbi Davidowitz utilizes an innovative mineral based bandage that boosts the body’s own clotting mechanisms allowing for easy removal immediately following the circumcision, significantly reducing another cause of discomfort to the baby.

There are many options available to parents seeking a bris or circumcision for their son. Not all methods and mohels were created equally. Choose carefully and wisely. The casual observer may not recognize the difference… but your son certainly will!

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Happy Parents


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A job well done! Rabbi Yisrael Davidowitz was our third sons Mohel. We were very pleased with his services. Rabbi Davidowitz traveled over an hour to see our son two days before the bris (which our previous Mohel had not done). He patiently explained the actual procedure of the bris which we had not known before. His excellent control and gentle touch was quite evident at the bris and we would be happy to have him perform another bris for us in the future.

Rachel & Yitzy Mittel
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Rabbi Davidowitz was the mohel for both of our sons and we couldn't have found anyone better for the job! We were extremely nervous when it came to our first sons’ brit, but Rabbi Davidowitz made the entire process painless. When it was time for our second son’s brit we felt completely at ease and knew that we were in good hands! He is extremely kind and gentle and goes above and beyond to ensure that you as the parents are informed about and comfortable with the ceremony. Rabbi Davidowitz is always our recommendation when someone asks about a mohel!

Vicki & Mayer Miltz
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Fabulous experience. We were lucky to have found Rabbi Davidowitz to perform the brit milahs for our twin boys. We had a small affair and the Rabbi led the ceremony with a wonderful peacefulness and warmth. Our baby nurse even commented how he did such a wonderful job that the babies were not in much discomfort and was pleased to see how little they bled. We highly recommend the rabbi! Thank you so much!

Esther & Matt Zeigler
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We had a great experience with Rabbi Davidowitz for our older son, so naturally after moving to South Florida we flew him down for the bris of our next son. But when our pediatrician saw him after the bris and exclaimed, “I never saw such an A++ job in my life!” then we knew Rabbi Davidowitz was truly the best mohel for the job!

Elisheva & Ari Schwarzman
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A pleasant experience. Rabbi Davidowitz was the Mohel for our twins. We were impressed by his professional demeanor, pleasant disposition, and sensitivity. We can confidently recommend him to anyone.

Esti & Mati Sarles
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We have four sons and Rabbi Davidowitz was the mohel for our youngest three. He was very professional and easy to work with. He always showed up prepared and organized and made the whole experience a very special one. He's extremely gentle and patient. We definitely recommend ONLY him! Caption

Dana & Nimi Gal
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It was such a pleasure to have you perform the bris of our precious son. We have several older boys and you were the best mohel we ever had! Your attentive care, warm nature, and the way you treated our son with love was quite evident and enhanced the celebration for our entire family.Thank you!

Marcie & Jaison Guterman
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Rabbi Davidowitz was kind, caring, and sensitive. As first time parents, his professionalism and demeanor were particularly reassuring. He traveled over 2 hours to our son’s Bris and he arrived on time with great enthusiasm for the Simcha. We especially appreciated his accessibility before and after the Bris to answer our questions and concerns. We had a great experience and highly recommend Rabbi Davidowitz!

Rabbi Yechiel & Aliza Shaffer
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The bris for our son fell on one of the most stressful days on the Jewish calendar - erev Pesach. Rabbi Davidowitz was calm, patient, and professional, (even when I made him wait while I nursed the baby)! Later that evening, he stopped by our home to check on the baby before the Seder began. Even our family commented on how attentive he was. We highly recommend Rabbi Davidowitz!

Sarah & Ari Miller
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We are so glad we chose Rabbi Davidowitz for our sons brit milah. Both my wife and I were extremely pleased with his professional demeanor as well as his expertise. The whole ceremony was done in an efficient and respectful manner. I have referred him (and will continue to do so) to all of my family, friends and colleagues that were looking for a mohel and I can tell you that they were all (going on my 5th referral) extremely pleased as well.

Sarah & Hillel Adelman
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Rabbi Davidowitz was the mohel for our fourth child. Despite having two older sons, I was anxious about the bris. Rabbi Davidowitz was so kind and caring. He explained everything and assured me he would be available after the bris for any concerns regarding the after-care. He answered all my questions with concern and patience. He clearly really loves what he does! I would recommend Rabbi Davidowitz to anyone that wants someone to care not only about the actual Bris but about all the people involved. (Especially the mom!)

Suzie & Jeff Lubin
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Happy Doctors

What the Experts Say

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It is my pleasure to recommend Rabbi Davidowitz as a mohel I have personally witnessed him perform ritual circumcision. He has an excellent skill set and pays careful attention to detail.Additionally, he has a warm personality and is a well respected halachic authority. These attributes make him an ideal choice for anyone looking for a skilled and knowledgeable mohel.

Allen D. Seftel, MD

Chief, Division of Urology, Cooper University Hospital
Professor of Urology, Cooper Medical School of Rowan University
Adjunct Professor of Surgery (Urology), MD Anderson Cancer Center

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I personally know Rabbi Davidowitz very well and can attest to his professionalism, skill, and knowledge. He's an expert mohel and a class act. I highly recommend Rabbi Davidowitz to anyone looking for a mohel.

Robert A. Belfer, MD

Chair of Pediatrics – Virtua Voorhees
Chief, Pediatric Emergency Room – CHOP at Virtua Voorhees
Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

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We used Rabbi Davidowitz for the Bris of our grandson. He was very attentive both before the Bris when it came to answering questions and also after the Bris when it came to the follow-up. He is very knowledgeable, and demonstrated meticulous attention to the level of sterile technique as required for this procedure. We plan on using Rabbi Davidowitz again in the future should the need arise (B”H). I would highly recommend using Rabbi Davidowitz without any reservation.

Ron Zanger, MD

Attending Nephrologist, Cooper University Hospital
Asst. Professor of Medicine, Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

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As both the mother of two young boys and a physician, I have always been very impressed with Rabbi Davidowitz. He is compassionate, professional, and very knowledgeable. We were so happy with his service, that I have since recommended him to numerous friends and family members.

Rachel Klein, MD

Dermatologist, Accent Dermatology

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Great Job. Rabbi Davidowitz was organized, methodical, and expert. I was my grandson’s sandek so I had a great view of the technique used. Best of all, my grandson hardly cried during the short procedure. The Rabbi was terrific, both in his dealing with us and our daughter. He is truly a gentle and sensitive Mohel.

Elliot Dunksky, MD

Allergist, Co-founder of The Asthma Center in Philadelphia
Author – Common Sense is Not That Common

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What is extraordinary about Rabbi Yisrael Davidowitz is his deep commitment to Torah within the context of his relationship with others. Whatever his role - as a teacher, family man, or community leader- he extends himself to foster the potential and advance the wellbeing of each person that he meets. In his role as a mohel, his clearly displays experience and expertise with each circumcision that he performs. What is unique however, is his ability to help each mother, father, and their families appreciate and share in the specialness of the moment in this great and longstanding Jewish tradition. I highly recommend Rabbi Davidowitz as a mohel for this milestone in a family’s lifecycle.

Andrew Becker, DO

Family Medicine practitioner for over 35 years

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My husband and I had a wonderful experience with Rabbi Davidowitz for our son's bris milah. He was professional and used sterile technique. As an OB/GYN, I have seen and done many circumcisions and am very satisfied with the outcome.

Neely Elisha, D.O.

Obstetrician/ Gynecologist
Inspira Medical Group

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